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Patrice D'Evans is a
Caribbean Fusion Belly Dance Minister & Actress
Patrice's ministry is to use a Christian holistic approach, body, mind and spirit, to unlock a women's joy making her desirable to herself first and then in her single life or in her marriage to attract and sustain                                      Godly love                                           Patrice's ministry is centered            around the acronym she coined as J.O.Y. - Jesus Overcame for YOU!



Caribbean Fusion Belly Dance Minister, SAG- AFTRA Actress, Professional Belly Dancer/Dancer, Fitness Trainer, Certified Teacher and Administrator and Founder & CEO

Patrice D'Evans, born and raised in NYC, is a devout Christian minister and a professional performance artist.  


She is a professional SAG-AFTRA actress, print model. and dancer who has been featured in various feature films, commercials, T.V. programs, and theatrical productions.  You can find her credits and resume information on her actor's website, on and on her IMDB page under "Patrice D'Evans". On her actor's website you can also find Patrice D'Evans' various belly dance, international dance and acting performance videos and photos.


Patrice is a naturally gifted, professionally trained and experienced dancer. Although Patrice is an international dancer, her signature dance performance is her Caribbean, (Latin) Fusion Belly Dance. Patrice's international dance styles also include Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Kizomba, Sevianna (Fleminco), Thai as well as urban hip-hop, African and many other international dance styles.


Growing up in a predominately Latin American neighborhood, Patrice grew to love the Spanish language as well as the dances, music and culture.  So during her undergraduate studies Patrice studied Spanish abroad in Seville, Spain.  Today Patrice speaks Spanish fluently, and is a certified high school and middle school Spanish Language teacher and administrator.


Patrice is also, a YouTube Content Creator and Producer with over 10,000 subscribers.  Her YouTube channel is called "Patrice D'Evans". She has over 400 videos on YouTube and many are top searches such as "How to Belly Dance (Whine)" and "Caribbean Belly Dance Fusion". She is known on You Tube for being an excellent teacher as it pertains to all of her videos, especially her belly dance tutorial videos and natural hair care videos. 

Patrice is not only a fitness trainer, but she is the founder and CEO of Saka ® Core Fit and Body, Mind and Spirit Productions LLC. 

Patrice's Caribbean Fusion Belly Dance performance is a one of a kind, fun-filled, family-friendly performance.  Patrice's beauty (inside and out), electrifying energy, joyful spirit, and professional dance ability displayed in her belly dance performances always insure that you have a party to remember.  Her joy is infectious and she gets your guests off of their feet having the time other lives.  

Patrice performs and does workshops for private and corporate events including corporate health awareness events and team building, weddings, wedding receptions, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, (adult and children) birthday parties and restaurant appearances.

 Patrice's Belly Dance Ministry is primarily on her        You Tube Channel (Show) "Patrice D'Evans".                    

This is Patrice's current weekly schedule on her show:

Sunday - ( Live Stream at 2pm EST.) J.O.Y. Party TV with movement and message videos to women to unlock their joy and be more desirable, from the christian perspective, and attract and sustain Godly love in their lives.

Tuesdays - (Live Stream at 7pm EST.) - Patrice shares her Belly Dance Fit Master Classes. Women dance and unlock their joy body, mind and spirit through learning improvisation (free style) Caribbean fusion belly dance.

Patrice shares her natural hair and beauty tips and how she uses her natural line of hair products that she makes, sells and prays over on her Ayurveda Curls YouTube channel.  Check it out. 

Patrice believes in "Keeping Jesus at the enter of ALL that we do". And that's why Patrice coined the acronym J.O.Y., which means Jesus Overcame for You! If you are interested in getting one of her J.O.Y.   t-shirts contact us on the contact page.


You can book Patrice D'Evans here as a speaker and performer here on the "book" page. Patrice is featured as a top performer with all 5 star reviews on the leading booking platform.


Also, for One-On-One Coaching with Patrice to unlock your joy and to be more desired and attract and sustain Godly love email her at or message her here on the One-On-One Coaching page.  God bless you!


Let me help you unlock your joy and be more desirable!

"Welcome to my Patrice D'Evans J.O.Y. website.  On this website my goal is to unlock a women's joy so she can be more desirable for herself first and then in her relationships whether single or in her marriage, God's way.  I'm so excited to help you unlock your joy and attract and sustain Godly love.   Dance with me and enjoy my Christian movement and message on my You Tube channel "Patrice D'Evans', on Sundays. 


Book on the page or Email me at to let me know if you would like One-On-One Coaching with me or if you would like me to speak at your Christian Women's event on Women's Wellness and Beauty topics, (including hair care). 


I look forward to working with you.  God bless you sis!"

Patrice D'Evans

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